The future of business is changing. The current situation is challenging for many businesses worldwide and it is clear many businesses will need to review current processes and methods of communication to ensure they can adapt.

Paperless office, document processes, eSignatures and email security present an opportunity for business owners as we enter 2021.

The Frama Group, with over 50 years’ experience, has specialised in transforming business communication to meet the needs of the digital age. Our aim is to help organisations of all sizes and across all industries, improve the way they work with smarter, secure processes and methods of communication.

We would like to invite you to our GLOBAL USER CONFERENCE, which will take place on 1st December, where we will present best practise concepts, influencer insights, panel discussions and the easiest ways to streamline business communication!

At the end of the event, we will host an online BYOB reception – so you can engage with like minded business owners and ask questions to the FRAMA team.

Here's The Agenda...


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13:30 - Keynote Speakers (Main Stage Announcement)

13:50 - Session 1 – Benefits of Digital Transformation Post Covid?

Introduction – Opening Introduction by Chris Hayes. Introducing the 3 sessions & speakers for the day.

Introducing guest speaker from RICOH UK to speak about need for Digital Transformation post COVID.

14:30 - Session 2 - Benefits of Electronic Signatures in today’s Business world

Led by Mike Roberts, introducing Cath Gough Speaking about the top ten reasons as to why firms are adopting electronic signatures. 

Discussion around why each of these points are valid and benefits seen by Kingsland Wealth Management.

Legal aspects of electronic signatures.

15:10 - Session 3 - Protecting your business and email security post COVID

Led by Mike Roberts Introducing Colin Tansley of Intelect Group.

Email fraud highest risk to businesses at present.

Impact on client experience.

Why do companies not use email security?

Ways to mitigate risk for remote workers and business in general.

15:45 - Networking & BYOB